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It all started back in 2004. In the kitchen of our first shop in Aachen, Germany, we made delicious hot chocolate. Home-made, simply because we couldn't find any better. So we got cracking. Every day. Always trying new flavours. And cleaning the big pots, at the end of each day. ‘There must be another way’, Toussaint thought. ‘It should be possible to create some sort of single serving…’

And there it was: the Hotchocspoon. A chunky piece of delicious chocolate you stir into your hot milk. Delightful! Soon greeted by a great many people. So we had our work cut out for us. Making spoons as if our lives depended on it. That's how Chocolate Company came into being. Having started from one shop, our delicacies have now conquered the whole world. From the Netherlands to Japan and from Sweden to Canada. The Hotchocspoon will always be our pride and joy, but our product range has seen quite some additions. Because we believe there's nothing that can't do without a bit of chocolate!

Enjoy a Hotchocspoon

Chocolate Company became very popular! Something we could only dream of at the start. We soon outgrew our location. To keep meeting demands we built a new chocolate factory in Kerkrade in 2009. Factory has the wrong connotation, since everything is still made by hand every day. Dozens of hands inserting the wooden spoons, meticulously laying out the decorations and sprinkling the chocolate drops. Craftsmanship, experience and lots and lots of energy pervade the chocolate factory. And no matter what is being produced, be it spoon or bar, dip or brownie, nothing misses the critical eye of Toussaint, our own Charlie.

And what about our patissier? He's laying them on thick every day. Brownies, apple pie, muffins and cookies. He never says no. As soon as a new idea pops into his head, it must be tried. And so we all have a taste and give the thumbs up or down!

From Kerkrade the produce is shipped to our (franchise) shops and the rest of the world: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Great Britain, Austria, Spain, France, Scandinavia, Portugal, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, the Baltic States, Eastern Europe and Russia.


Chocolate Company

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